fresh snowfall on coneflowers with snow covered lawn in the background.

Late season snowfalls can be beautiful, but melting snow can also carry pollutants into nearby waterways. | Photo Credit: Janice Milanovich, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant

A healthy lawn all year long.

February continues to be a period of rest for your lawn but it is a great time for you to begin the groundwork for next season.

Dates may vary by geographic location and turfgrass species. Choose practices based on your lawn’s specific needs.

Things to do in February:

  • Limit traffic until your lawn begins to grow.
  • As the spring melt begins, shovel snow into locations where it will have the best chance to soak into the soil instead of becoming stormwater runoff.
  • Properly dispose of unwanted lawn care chemicals. Contact your local solid waste district or recycling center to find a drop-off point or collection center.
  • Hiring a lawn care professional? Ask questions to ensure landscaping practices protect water quality.