Work with nature.
Grow healthy lawns.
Protect lakes, rivers & streams.

Natural lawn care uses an approach that works with nature to grow a healthy landscape and protect water resources. It doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all your grass or dedicate your life to tending your lawn. It depends on a simple principle: that a healthy lawn will be able to resist most weeds, disease, and insects.

Why Natural Lawn Care?

Lawn Tips

  1. Mow, mulch, or compost fallen leaves.
  2. Use pesticides safely.
  3. Evaluate and record lawn successes and failures.

About Us

Lawn to Lake is a collaborative program designed to protect water resources by promoting healthy lawn and landscape practices. The program originated in the Lake Champlain basin and later spread to other watersheds.

In the Great Lakes basin and across the Midwest, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, University of Illinois Extension, Purdue Extension and partners are addressing the needs of homeowners and others responsible for lawn and landscape care.

More About Lawn to Lake