Lawn to Lake Midwest is a collaborative outreach program that aims to protect water resources in the Great Lakes region by promoting healthy lawn and landscape practices. Led by Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, this program was brought to the Midwest in 2010, inspired by the Lawn to Lake program started in the Lake Champlain Basin.

This website was created using content adapted from Sustainable Lawn and Landscape Practices for Communities: Lawn to Lake Guidebook for Illinois and Indiana. We thank the original authors and contributors to that guidebook and the participating organizations for their efforts, specifically current and former staff at Save the Dunes, Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Indiana Department of Natural Resources Lake Michigan Coastal Program, Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission, Purdue University Northwest, University of Illinois Extension, and Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant. We also acknowledge the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning for designing and producing the publication. More information about the people and organizations involved with creating the Guidebook can be found in the original publication.

We are also grateful to the reviewers of the updated and new website content for their efforts. Specifically, we would like to thank the following people: Richard Hentschel (University of Illinois Extension), Rebecca Koetz and Nicole Witkowski (Purdue Extension), Leslie Dorworth and Hope Charters (Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant).

Finally, the Lawn to Lake Midwest program wishes to acknowledge the Lake Champlain Basin Program and Lake Champlain Sea Grant for their guidance and support in bringing the Lawn to Lake program to the Midwest. More about the Lake Champlain Lawn to Lake program can be found at

Lawn to Lake Midwest has been funded in part by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, and University of Illinois Extension.