Residential lawn with grass leaves peaking through fresh snowfall.

Carefully apply ice melting products to prevent damage to your lawn. | Photo Credit: Janice Milanovich, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant

A healthy lawn all year long.

January is a period of rest for your lawn but a great time for you to begin the groundwork for next season.

Dates may vary by geographic location and turfgrass species. Choose practices based on your lawn’s specific needs.

Things to do in January:

  • Continue to reduce lawn traffic.
  • Use de-icing salt carefully—excess salt can damage grasses and contaminate waterways. Twelve ounces (enough to fill a coffee mug) will cover 10 sidewalk squares. When scattering, aim for three inches between salt grains.
  • Make a plan to maintain a healthy lawn. Review The Basics because it’s never too early to start to plan for next season.