Ruler Measuring Grass Height

Maintaining a grass height of 3-4 inches promotes deep roots. | Photo Credit: Janice Milanovich, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant

A healthy lawn all year long.

April is the perfect time to choose lawn care practices that can help your lawn naturally outcompete weeds.  

Dates may vary by geographic location and turfgrass species. Choose practices based on your lawn’s specific needs.

Things to do in April:

  • Mow high for deep roots. For cool season grasses, mow to a grass height of 2 inches for the first mowing and continue regular mowing to maintain a grass height of 3 inches or more. Frequent mowing may be needed during the spring. Remember to remove no more than ⅓ of the leaf blade at a time.
  • Leave grass clippings on the lawn to return organic matter, nitrogen, and moisture to the soil.
  • Determine the level of weeds or pests you can tolerate. Apply corn gluten in early to mid-April to prevent weed seeds from germinating. Hand pull or spot treat weeds.