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It’s recommended that you test your soil every three to five years. | Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

A healthy lawn all year long.

May is a great month to enhance lawn health with healthy soil.

Dates may vary by geographic location and turfgrass species. Choose practices based on your lawn’s specific needs.

Things to do in May:

  • Test soil for pH, organic matter, and nutrients.
  • Build healthy soil. Add nutrients and soil amendments as indicated by soil testing.
  • Fill in bare spots with a 50/50 mix of compost and soil, and seed with high quality perennial grass seed suited to your lawn’s conditions.
  • Overseeding or lawn establishment can be done in late May, but late summer is better.
  • Core aerate if soil is compacted or if thatch is excessive (greater than ½ inch)—lawn should be actively growing.
  • Mow high to promote deep roots and crowd out weeds. Remove only 1/3 of the leaf blade at a time.
  • Leave it lay. Return grass clippings on the lawn to add organic matter, nitrogen, and moisture to the soil.
  • Monitor for pests (e.g., weeds, insects, and diseases) twice a month.
  • Fertilize medium and high maintenance lawns in the second half of May. The amount and timing of fertilizer applications should be determined by your soil test results, lawn quality, and maintenance preferences.